BRASBAND was founded in October 1995, with the goal of producing the complete solution of stainless steel band fixing system in Brazil.

Besides stainless steel bands and buckles, BRASBAND also produces tools for their application: Tensioning tool B-01, and Tensioning Tool B-02, both are considered the best in Brazil.

The success of this line of products, which was quickly absorbed by the market as a quality reference, mainly in the telephone networks area, has stimulated the development of other products, with highlight to galvanized hardware line for telecommunication outside plant installations.

In 1998 Brasband introduced on the market the Lashing Wire FEI-125, and the Drop Wire Plastic Clamp for the subscriber line distribution services.

The duplication and modernization of its manufacturing facilities at the beginning of 2000, allowed the excellent performance in supplying the strong demand of all fixed telephone carriers during 2000 and 2001, unchained by the enormous effort to accomplish the telecommunication goals determined by Anatel, the Brazilian Telecommunication Regulatory Agency.

At the beginning of 2002 we incorporated the Interex line of Wire Wrap Connection Tools and we launched the Plastic Strapping Combination Tool ACFP for packing, that represented the duplication of Brasband Special Tool Division.

Today BRASBAND produces more than 50 items that are sold all over Brazil and in several Latin American countries, and by the end of 2002 they will also be in USA and Europe.

In this web site there is information on the major products, and BRASBAND is at your full service should you need any further explanation.



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